Zinc Carbonate BPC: Its Aspects and Uses

Information about Zinc Carbonate

Zinc carbonate comes as transparent crystals, or a white, crystalline powder. It is odor-free and expands in carbon dioxide at 300°C. Zinc carbonate is dissolved in dilute acids, alkalies and in ammonium salt solutions. It is impenetrable in water, ammonia, pyridine, alcohol and acetone. Where you buy to trusted manufacturing company, one is Zinc carbonate BPC.

It is discovered by an English scientist named James Smithson, that’s why it is named after him as “Smithsonite”. Smithsonite was discovered through calamine. According to Smithson, calamine can produced zinc. Calamine can produce two specific zinc, the zinc carbonate and the zinc silicate.This discovery brought good benefit especially to miners. It gives more relevance especially in chemistry and mineralogy. You can check samples of Zinc Carbonate at Global Chemical Ltd., they produce zinc carbonate bpc.

Uses of Zinc Carbonate

Zinc carbonate is white, insoluble mineral. It is often recognized as zinc salt with a chemical formula of ZnCO3. Zinc carbonate is used as a secured layer for rubber and plastic products defined to very high condition, as a grain supplement, as a dye in paint, in make-ups and creams, and in the producers of ceramics, porcelain, and stretchy items. Global Chemical Ltd offers zinc carbonate BPC for the production of rubber, plastic products and zinc-related products.

When smithsonite is polished it becomes a gemstone which displays as blue-green circular stone with a feather-like luster. It is called as Bonamite when it is sold as a jewel. There was a misleading between jade and smithsonite but they have no relation at all.

Where to buy Zinc Carbonate BPC?

Zinc Carbonate BPC is available at Global Chemical., Ltd.. It is arranged in amount of 25kgs in a woven bag with PE liner and with a extra PE bag inside.It appears white-light yellow fine particles made by Zinc Carbonate. Zinc Carbonate BPC gives rubber products quick cure and transparency. It has a high area measuring 25-40 M2/g and it gives better result upon production. This zinc carbonate is recommended in transparent production, color related items as well as EVA sponge products.


Zinc Carbonate BPC is a sample of zinc carbonate which contributes on our daily lives. We may not see it but it helps largely in the production of our necessities which we use for everyday use. There are studies that saying it can cure such diseases but still a continuous research and development to this area is needed. There are plenty of manufacturers around the globe, it only varies in quality and costs.