What is supply chain analytics and why it is not needed?

The traditional supply chain execution systems are not at all reliable and with globalization and multiple warehouse systems it is becoming more and more difficult to operate multi-national businesses using the traditional systems. Even small businesses and online stores that source products from suppliers and send to customers directly face a lot of issues without proper supply chain analytics. Global operating systems, customer expectations, global recession, the rise in fuel and transport cost and pricing pressures have made it necessary to have a supply chain system that is advanced and efficient. Proper analytics can prove as a boon by reducing the waste in your supply chain.

Supply chain analytics is a branch of data analytics that includes examining of raw data to draw conclusions and forecast about the supply chain process to make it more efficient. It helps in the better decision-making process and also aids in verifying the existing business models and theories. With so many cloud data management service and platforms, it has become a lot easier for corporate to adopt supply chain management software and improve their supply chain process. Many companies think that investment in this software is a big waste of money and they still rely on the manual processes. But the fact is that with proper use and implementation of these systems you can cut down several costs and make your business process more efficient. Also, it ensures better customer satisfaction which is a big asset for any organization.

supply chain analytics

Supply chain analytics is not a one day process; it requires data that is accurate and accessible so that one can perform analysis of that data by using complex algorithms. So one must perform an increased analysis of the data and hence be patient while implementing supply chain management software in your organization. Also after implementation, one must use it properly and devote a good amount of time to gain proper benefit out of the system. The new analytic tools and software are the best way to dig deeper into the existing supply chain system and also the data for better savings and efficiencies. This will also tell you the loopholes in your existing system to correct it and it will be beneficial to correct those for better cost saving, customer retention, better profit, the growth of the organization.

supply chain analytics is a place to look for competitive advantage just because it is complex and it plays a prominent role in companies working such as framing the company’s cost structure and gaining and improving profitability. Many organizations feel that supply chain is a very simple affair as compared to production or other parts of the organization. But that is not the correct thing. Issues in the supply chain can lead to a lot of extra costs for your organization. But that is a slow process and one must be prepared for it.

Supply chain analysis is a promising tool and field but it is not a process that is ready for prime time, so be sure to invest in it after analysis.