What is an EPC?-A Guide For Rental

Many people do not know the question: what is the EPC?

The EPC or Energy Performance certificates mainly contain a report on energy consumption in the home or construction. Owners and owners can benefit from such coverage. Homeowners, owners of premises and potential tenants can benefit from this certificate, since it clearly establishes energy consumption. He helps them make the right decision.

The energy Performance certificates or EPC for brevity were introduced for the first time in December 2007 when they became mandatory in all houses with three or more rooms that were sold for sale after this date. Shortly after this decision, the government has also decided that from October 1, 2008, the owners will provide energy Performance certificates to tenants as part of the rental process, which can help customers make the right decisions by providing them adequate information.

All prospective tenants must receive a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate and a recommendation report. This will be beneficial for both in the long term. From the tenant’s point of view, this will help them assess the cost of the building. Homeowners or building owners can benefit from the demonstration of a value-oriented EPC.



EPC is currently valid for 10 years for both resale and rental. When you deliver your property, you will need an EPC to deliver the tenant. You do not need to have a new survey for each new tenant if you have a current certificate of energy Performance. The positive rating will emphasize the value of the building during the inspection of the buildings.

Other information that should be included in the EPC

Background information, which lists the type of property, a unique reference number and certificate date, the estimated energy use, based on assumptions about the employment models and of heating, the evaluation of the current and potential use of energy, the emissions, the costs of carbon dioxide and fuel for lighting, heating and hot water. Information about the energy evaluator, such as the name of the evaluator, the accreditation number, the name of the company and the contact details, complaints and recommendations on energy.

Energy Performance index classified by the AG, A, of course, the best and G the worst, and now the average rating in the United Kingdom – E. There will be energy Performance certificate letters of both ratings and will be transferred to the current rating and the potential rating.


To get an energy Performance certificate for your home, all you need to do is find a company that offers national energy experts and find out how much they charge. Existing rules on the government website lies in the fact that you can sell your home, since it can only be shown that you have ordered and paid for EPC evaluation, but not necessarily received, by making the home marketing process much faster and more cheap for merchants.