The Complete Guide About The EJARI Registration in Dubai

Moving to Dubai comes with responsibilities and a lot of complexities. You need to ensure your visa, accommodation, schooling and the apartment to stay in. Finding the right place for rent in Dubai can be overwhelming especially when you are moving in. You need to get accustomed to the jargon associated with a tenancy contract in Dubai. Understanding the most important real estate related activity, the EJARI can be hard. If you are unfamiliar with this, visit These are the laws in Dubai, especially for new residents. Learn more about its purpose with this comprehensive guide for you.

What is EJARI?

If you are a new resident in Dubai, understanding exactly what it is and how to register Ejari is important. This is an Arabic term that means when translated ‘my rent’. It is one of the most vital programs run by the government to regulate all tenancy contracts in Dubai.

The EJARI is for online registration of all rental contracts for properties in Dubai. The portal online is a system built to protect landlords and tenants in the city. Registering to it is mandatory as it is an integral part of renting apartments in Dubai. This is to draft all private rental contracts in Dubai into a legally binding document. All the documents about tenancy are structured in a government approved format.

How to Register EJARI?

Both the tenant and landlord have the responsibility to register in EJARI. The tenant or the real estate agent will usually complete the process. The agent will also take care of the associated fees along the process. Register either offline on the approved centers or online through the Ejari portal. Upload all the scanned copies of the necessary documents when registering online. You can also visit their office in person from Sunday to Monday.

What will be the process of EJARI?

Every time you renew the tenancy contract, the EJARI should be renewed as well. In most cases, the renewal will be once a year. The renewal process is available online thru the portal you use for registration. You can do it by submitting all the needed documents. You can’t register with Ejari if the previous contracts are not registered. Do not miss out on registering with the tenancy contract with Ejari so that you can have your renewal. You can also ask the customer service online for any requirements or visit the office in person.

How to use the online system?

If you opt to register using the online system, note that you can’t register the contract by yourself. You need to ask for the landlords or their representatives to register for an Ejari account. There will be a mandatory one-day training if you are a landlord or estate agent registering for the same. You will get a certificate for this training and you need to visit the Land Department. There, you will complete the registration for an Ejari account. The RERA will then activate your account and send your email and password to you by e-mail in two working days. The registration will come for free, you only need to meet the requirements on the process.

It is best to become familiar with the system used for all rental transactions. Understand everything including the renewals, cancellations, transfers, and terminations.