New Age Business Analysis Training Programmes

With time, business analysis training programs need to undergoa change to benefit students and the skills they require to succeed. The business analysis certification training program has been designed keeping the constantly changing scenario in mind and thus, has been made more personalized in nature.

In the end, students receive badges for the specialized training they receivedthat will benefit the role they play in the industry.

Badges and certification:

There are eight badge specializations and four certification levels, and as the students move ahead in their certification journey, they receive badges for higher-level certifications. The foundational skills that are important regardless of the environment the students work in have been included in the Essential Skills Business Analysis course.

The certification levels:

These are:

  • The Agile Analysis Practitioner, which identifies the ability to support agile project teams, bring about the necessary change and offer solutions.
  • The PO Practitioner apart from the above skills offers effective management of the excess product.
  • BA Associate identifies the need to bring change and offer effective solutions.
  • BA Certified identifies the advanced ability to facilitate a change as well as offer solutions.

business analysis certification

The Badges:

The eight badges focus on different areas of specialization, and the selection of a particular badge depends upon the area of improvement. Receiving these badges depends upon the knowledge achieved and not the number of working hours.  There are also tests available, as well as study guides, to help the students during the courses.

The different badges for the business analysis certificationare as follows:

  1. The Agile Analysis Badge: The students holding this badge exhibit their skills at supporting agile project teams and present solutions when required.
  1. The Analysis Planning Badge: The holders of this badge show their ability to estimate and follow the analysis effort made on a project.
  1. Business Rules Badge: The students holding this badge exhibit their skills at drawing out, analyzing, and modeling organizational business rules.
  1. Data Analysis Badge: Students receiving this badge show their skills of obtaining, analyzing, and modeling projects. They also contribute to business intelligence and assist in data mining.
  1. Facilitation or Elicitation Badge: Students who have received this badge display their skills at engaging stakeholders, managing meetings or workshops using different elicitation techniques.
  1. Functional Analysis Badge: Those students who receive this badge have displayed their ability to bring change and offer solutions by defining functional needs.
  1. Process Analysis Badge: Students holding this badge are responsible for bringing change and assuring solutions by defining and creating business capability and process needs.
  1. Strategy and Solution Evaluation Badge: The holders of this badge exhibit their ability to associate with organizational strategy, verify solutions, and ensure the delivery of business value.