How energy efficient is your place?

With time, our lifestyles have undergone a massive change and continue to keep evolving with every passing day. As a result of transforming lifestyles, we also have to take cognizance of the fact that this lifestyle is having an effect on our surroundings. Now, we are generating and using far more energy through various forms than we used to about a decade ago. Needless to say, not all energy generated is clean and not all of it is completely utilized as due to various inefficiencies, energy loss takes place. Most of the energy consumption happens in cities in various buildings so if we are to proceed in the right direction it is imperative that we check energy usage and efficiency in our buildings first. One way to achieve this goal is the rampant usage and awareness of an EPC. EPC simply stands for an energy performance certificate.

As the name itself is evident, it is a certificate that dictates how energy efficient any particular building is. Energy efficiency can be measured in various forms depending upon a lot many parameters involved. The methodology used in providing this certificate is quite thorough and comprehensive in all respects and is called as RdSAP methodology. This methodology makes some genuine assumptions related to usage of energy which in turn allows the energy efficiency parameters of one building to be compared to that of the parameters of any other building.

Thereby, with the help of this RdSAP methodology a sense of uniformity and comparative analysis can be established which will help in further analysis. Based on various parameters related to energy efficiency and carbon emissions different rating grades are awarded to buildings ranging from A to G. These grades are indicative that your building is energy efficient on an overall score or not. These grades simply mean that A is most energy efficient whereas G is least energy efficient. Thus, with the help of this RdSAP methodology, a comparative analysis can be drawn between them.

How much any building is worth is indeed dependent on various factors and going into the future the EPC certificate’s grade too is going to be an even more important parameter in deciding the same. As of now itself lots of buyers and sellers are using the energy efficiency grade as a key parameter in calculating the worth of a building. It is suggested that you too contact a reliable agency and get your property a worthy energy performance certificate after a thorough analysis.