Hongkong Storage: Storing Your Boxes Effortlessly Since 1997

File storing has been a problem by small and large-scale companies in Hong Kong because it lessens the office space functionality and requires additional budget and extra work to maintain and manage. Choosing the best, safe, and secure storage facility from the market is not easy. This is the reason why Hongkong Storage created DOCUMENT BOX to help the Hongkong community in stockpiling and transferring their belongings with ease.

What is a document box?

A document box is a corrugated container made of cardboard used for packing materials like documents for storing and transporting purposes. Hongkong Storage provides personalized corrugated boxes to contain, collect, transport, and store your documents to its secure and safe warehouse facility. They do not just only store confidential company files, but also unused personal belongings of its customers.

Document Box

What makes Hongkong Storage box different?

Hongkong Storage does not use ordinary cardboard boxes which torn easily; but heavy-duty double wall corrugated cardboard boxes to ensure safety and security of its clients’ possessions. Due to the rows of air columns created by the 2 layers of fluted papers, this double walling adds stacking strength and cushion to the box’s design which protects its content from mechanical shock while travelling. This type of box has better printing graphics quality needed for quick access of clear information.

Choose your ideal box

Two different storage boxes are offered for convenient packing and transferring of properties. Both are tuck top foldable boxes which do not need tapes for sealing. Thus, giving a neat impression to your box.

R Box

R box has a dimension of 15x12x13 (in) or 381x305x330 (mm) and can accommodate 2.5 inches binders, A4 and B4 papers with dimensions of 210×297 mm (8.3×11.7 in) and 250×353 mm (9.8×13.9 in), respectively.

CR Box

CR box has a dimension of 17.5×13.5×10.5 (in) or 445x343x267 (mm) which is wider and shorter in size compared to the other. This type of box is for horizontal piling suitable for longer and wider papers like 15.5×11.5 in. computer papers, A3 and A4 papers with dimensions of 297×420 mm (11.7×16.5 in) and 210×297 mm (8.3×11.7 in), respectively.

One call away service

Store your belongings using 4 simple steps.

  1. Organize your documents in the box.
  2. Label the box with your information for easy identification.
  3. Seal the box using the provided HK Storage seal.
  4. Call for pick up.

As soon as the box reach the warehouse, a barcode is applied, and all the necessary information are inputted in the warehouse management system for easy tracking and security.

Why choose their service?

Simply because they have S.M.A.R.T Boxes: Secure, manageable, accessible, real-time boxes.