Custom Financial Deal Toys & Tombstones

We can make beautiful and thrilling custom financial deal toys as well as tombstones in any design, form, and size. As a trustworthy deal toy company, we make awards that are truly notable for everybody involved.

Customers love our imaginative abilities, personal service as well as the quality of everything we produce.

Creative effect

We can implant imagery as well as other items inside lucite acrylic awards as well as create collaborating effects hence you can maximize the entire creative effect. Persons in the investment banking business are continually hiring us to use our unique imagination and experience in serving them rejoice financial deals by these specially tailored gift awards.

These exclusive awards diverge in size, particulars, and features, hence your project will be valued to meet your requirements.

A Financial Tombstone otherwise Lucite deal toys is a tailored gift or souvenir used in the economics sector to mark a noteworthy transaction or trade deal. Typically made from Lucite acrylic, the stuff is frequently presented as a trophy through a commemorative occasion or corporate dinner.

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What is the history?

Lucite embedments acquire their name from the ‘tombstone adv’ which dates back to the 19th century, while printers mentioned to “column-width paper advertisements run without any design or typographical decoration”. A mix of design and ad, Financial Tombstones have been used from the 1960s by suppliers of lucite, when banks plus lawful firms produced Lucite slabs which covered adverts declaring their new trade partnerships.

The first Lucite Deal Toy was created in the 1970s through ad man Don McDonald while he created one for a friend who converted an investment banker. McDonald then quit his marketing agency job and created Don McDonald & Associates, which went on to create as several as 5,000 toys a year in the middle-1990s.

Symbol of achievement

By heating Lucite, diverse shapes could be achieved and modified items could be encased inside  Deal Toys to showcase products, services as well as achievements. In addition to Lucite acrylic, other resources used to make Financial Tombstones comprise faux stone, wood, crystal, resin, metal, and glass. Amazingly, acrylic is stronger and about 50% lighter than glass! It is moreover resistant to harm by ecological factors for example sunlight, rain, pollutants snow, and numerous chemicals.

Financial Tombstones, as well as Lucite deal toys, are frequently used as plaques, paperweights otherwise trophies and are planned to include trade names, logos plus a description of the deal. A reflection of attainment and status, the stuff also act as an enduring marketing tool for the recipients as well as a focal point for the workplace or boardroom.