Benefits of Cloud400

These days, every single business is available on the internet and enhances their business activities this way. Also, most businesses are using cloud hosting. All the business data is managed by the cloud. Cloud hosting services provide hosting on virtual servers which pull their computing resource from extensive, underlying the networks of physical web servers. With the assistance of cloud hosting, users can get various kinds of benefits for their business. If you want to buy the best iSeries IBM solution, then you can choose the Source Data product. They offer a wide variety of cloud hosting and disaster recovery solution services to their clients. They also iSeries cloud providers at a reasonable cost.

IBM I is an operating system that runs on IBM power, iSeries and AS400 IBM servers that are used when describing all their systems. Cloud400 is one of the hosting services for IBM i (iSeries/AS400) business application. If you’re using the IBM I experts, then cloud400 is one of the great options for you instead of an on-premises server. You can buy the large new IBM I POWER servers with the most popular IBM software. They also have hardware and software support. At Source Data Product, you can buy affordable business critical solutions.

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Cloud400 Benefits:

  • They provide all of the IBM I hardware and software solutions at 30%-70% less expensive than other platforms.
  • They are more experience and expertise in the depth of IBM I.
  • They don’t charge any hidden cost for the product.
  • IBM business critical solutions also included both hardware and software.
  • This platform is fully certified, secure, and safe.
  • They also offer the encryption data facility to your users.
  • This cloud hosting platform is also done with daily backup.
  • Through this platform, you can also get a 60-day free trial.

With the assistance of cloud400, you can get a reliable and secure solution. You need to pay for only what you need and only for as long as you need it. This platform is also giving the great opportunity for a free 60-day trial. The trial process of the software is very simple. You can take the trial of the solution and see if it suits your business. They continually add new products and services to help satisfy their clients business computing needs. They are also one of the iSeries cloud providers to their clients at midrange. They now provide hardware, software, and consulting services for multiple technology providers. They also provide exceptional IBM cloud hosting, Disaster recovery solutions and support for IBM midrange users.

The Source Data Product platform is also offering a wide range of software solution services from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and many other which helps to gain success in their business. They are also doing work-hard to deliver the right value of the product to their customers. If you need help regarding software solutions, then you can easily contact the team through 800-333-2669. You can visit the official website at to gather more information regarding software and hardware solutions.