Awards and Trophies- the Best way to honor

Award and Trophies are available in many different types and are manufactured by many companies that are making the unique and the different kinds of the Awards. These companies are doing different experiments with glass, wood, and metal in order to come up with the beautiful designs that any person would be very happy to receive


Sports– They is one of the most important sectors that need the awards and the trophies.  In sports activities, the top three positions are being congratulated and are being recognized for their win and hard work.

Corporate Sector– It is very important in the corporate sector to recognize the excellent work and for this, an award is required. It will help as the complete booster and a real motivator for any of the employee working in the company

Schools and Colleges– Students those who are performing well and are doing excel in the field need the recognition. So it required give them the award for the same.

Social Clubs – There are many Social Clubs that keep on hosting the various events and also need the awards to honor the work done in an excellent way.

Types of Trophies and Awards

Custom Acrylic Awards

There are various types of Trophies that are available in the market and few of the very famous are

Acrylic Trophy

As Acrylic is the very clear plastic that is just like that of the glass but is way very much better than the glass in many of the ways. Acrylic is very easy to shape and is very easy to custom as there are many custom acrylic Awards available on the market.  Due to its quality of easy to shape Acrylic awards can be customized. They are less likely to break when compared to the glass so Custom Acrylic awards are most common these days

Crystal Trophy

These trophies have the diamond-like quality that makes it look very beautiful and the best choice for the very special awards. These trophies are expensive as compared to the other trophies sp should be given as per the occasion.

Wood Plaques

They are the flat surface awards that can be either hung just like a frame or it can be mounted on the wooden base. In the market there are various bronze plaques are available but the wood plaque is the great option too. It is not so expensive and lasts for a long time.

Metal Awards

Metal is the iron, bronze, silver, gold and the platinum that can be used for making the trophy. Bronze and iron are used commonly. Metal can be structured into any size and shape and is unbreakable which longs for a long time without any damage.