All About The Child Care Assistance Programs To Support Single Moms

Introduction to Child Care Assistance Programs(CCAP)

Taking care of a child is an important and careful task and is expensive when given on the outside. Depending on the location, child’s age and care type, the cost varies from location to location. For a single mother who works full time, the child care throughout the day will be quite expensive. To support theses single moms who earn lesser than the normal lifestyle, Child care subsidies are available in various states. These are known officially as Child Care Assistance Program or CCAP which offers grants for single moms. CCAP pays for kids younger than 13 for their day care. Suppose there are physically or mentally challenged, then CCAP is ready to pay a little more cost for their special care. These CCAP program pays a portion of the day care fee as grants for single moms. The remaining is shared by the parent. This fee share from the single mom depends on the family size and her income. The CCAP has its own eligible guidelines and an easy registration procedure.

A Brief about CCAP in various states

Every state gets the funding for the CCAP from the federal government depending on the registration numbers.

Types of Child Care

Family Child care homes provides child care for kids in a residential home. The caregivers may be just one or two. Child Care centers give care to a large group of kids in a non-residential building with many recruited staff members. Pre-School programs are offered for kids of age 3-5 in schools, day care and non-profit organizations. School age programs offer day care for kids before and after school hours within the school premises.

grants for single moms

What you need to do before choosing a Child Day Care for your kids

Background Checks

First and foremost it is essential to check for child care center facilities and safety measures. Check for the child care provider, staffs, family members if involved in the family child care homes. Do a comprehensive background check if needed at the selected child care center. Do a background check of staffs every year since they keep changing. Check if there is any criminal history check in that center. If all the above are positive it is good to proceed.


Different programs are available and offers grants for single moms to pay and supports them for their kid’s day care. Government programs, employee benefits and student resources are available. CCAP is a government program. Check your current budget for your child’s day care. Then look how much it actually costs at various child care centers. Either adjust your budget or get the aid from these CCAP support to help you manage your monthly expenses for overall household budget.

Registration with CCAP

CCAP helps single moms who have low income to support their payments at the child care centers. The applicants must meet the eligible criteria and fit within the regulations of CCAP and then register with them. Request an application, submit them and it gets cross verification with the single mom and it is good to proceed.