A customer is a person (that includes people with disabilities) who purchases goods and services from a business or shop. Businesses’ are dependent on how employees adjust their interactions with a customer’s personality. Therefore, a business that values good customer care services generates more revenue and income compared to a business dependent on customers’ feedback or surveys. I have been obsessed with riding bikes since I was a kid and saving up to purchase one was one of my key goals.  I walked into San Jose BMW a week ago, accompanied by my brother and after much contemplation; I decided to write a review of the experiences faced since I felt treated like an idiot https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/san-jose-bmw/san-jose-california-95128/san-jose-bmw-treated-like-an-idiot-san-jose-california-1417486 .

I developed a limp after surgery on my hip, and I tend to use my wheelchair when inside a business’s premises for more than an hour since my leg swells when I stand for a while. Customer care is key when it comes to handling clients, and it is essential for a business to invest on in such services. These services are vital for a business to grow, especially businesses dependent on employee-customer relations. One of the clients who visited a motorbike store  narrates his experiences at the store and highlights its insufficiencies,  unprofessionalism at San Jose BMW( https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/san-jose-bmw/san-jose-california-95128/san-jose-bmw-treated-like-an-idiot-san-jose-california-1417486 -). Because someone has a disability does not mean they are incapable of doing certain activities. People in a wheelchair fail to get the necessary attention from the business’s employees since they all assumed we were just doing some window shopping.

However, “after fighting my conscience to lower my ego, I decided to approach a guy with a name tag with the company’s logo imprinted on it and asked if he could assist us. I was not only disgusted by the way his response when I asked about the bike, but he also blew me off and asked my brother if he was the one in need of a bike. I felt shattered deep within, never have I come across such arrogance and neglect. I felt heavy-hearted and had to leave the premises”.

Disability is not inability! Businesses need to view each customer in high regard and treat each of them equally with the utmost decency and respect required. There are some tips on how businesses’ employees should interact with customers, especially those with disabilities;

  • An employee should understand the client’s needs rather than making assumptions and pretend to understand the instructions/requirements given by the respective client.
  • Patience, optimism, and willingness to communicate are Not interrupting when a customer speaks and is keen to understand their needs or requirements.
  • Speak clearly, directly and in a reasonable An employee should maintain verbal interaction with the respective person in need.
  • Some disabilities may not be visible to an employee, but he or she needs to take their time to understand their client’s needs.
  • One should feel relaxed and smile keeping in mind that people with disabilities want to experience helpful and considerate customer care services.