ERP Software? A Necessity In Today’s Time

ERP is an automated process which helps in increasing the efficiency of a business by carefully putting the resources to a proper use. ERP is the gift of information technology to the business world; it is used in government organizations, healthcare units and retail outlets.

What is ERP? Doesn’t need an explanation now I guess, moving further after learning about what ERP is it is important to know about the benefits of ERP also.

Benefits of ERP 

  • ERP reduces the lead time; lead time is the interval between placing an order and receiving it, because of ERP software this time has gradually reduced
  • This system has made manufacturing easy because of which on time delivery to customers has become easy
  • Reduction of cycle time is also possible; cycle time is the gap between the getting of order and delivering it. With the reduction of time it has won a lot of appreciation.
  • It effectively utilizes the resources, as ERP is automated so all its work is done in time this saves the time and energy of the staff members and they can put their energy to some other work or use.

What is ERP? Now almost everyone must be familiar with this term, so moving forward the other benefits of ERP are

  • With ERP a company is able to give better services to the customers
  • If the supplier properly works on this system, then it will attract customers and satisfy their needs
  • It can correct the mistake made by the accountant and rectify it
  • Operating ERP is not a task, it is cost efficient as no new staff needs to be hired
  • Everything is saved on the data base so you don’t need to go and hunt for any information anywhere else
  • It is a mobile friendly software that can be used anywhere and at any time
  • An error in one module cannot stop the working of another module; all modules work separately
  • It prepares workflows faster than manual system of paper work
  • ERP Stores all the information related to a customer together this helps in retaining the old customer and building new ones.
  • One doesn’t need to go a search for a staff member’s details as it keeps all the details related to the staff (their salary to theirpromotion) all together

So using an ERP system is an intelligent idea for all types of business organisations, but it does involve the cost of maintenance which is a little high, but such costs can be over looked in front of the benefits that this system provides.