Moving Timeline You Should Consider

The only thing exciting about moving is the thought that you will start fresh. Other things like packing and organising are exhausting and time-consuming. When you plan to move out, you have to be patient and determined. On top of that, you should plan carefully so you will have peace of mind when the day comes.

The prudent thing to do is to create a checklist as it can help you address things that need packing. To ensure that you are right on schedule, you have to create a timeline along with your checklist. You do not want to cram when the time comes, right? Here’s a moving timeline that you should consider:

Two weeks before the move
Two weeks before the scheduled move should give you enough time to prepare.
• Change your address: the first thing that you should do is to inform your utilities like

electric, telephone, cable and the Internet about the move. For any important mail, you should inform the company about the new address to ensure that mails are sent to you.
• Make the last grocery: you need to make one last grocery to avoid throwing out excess food on the big day.
• Start packing: this is the time that you think about packing. Packing will take time. To start, you should first make an inventory of all items inside the house to keep track of it during the move.

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• Label the boxes: for breakable items, make sure that you labeled it as fragile. For other things, you should also label it specifically like what is inside and where they will go. This will ultimately make unpacking easy.
• Donate items or sell: after making an inventory, review the things that you need. Mark down the things that are not worth moving. If you decide to donate, call the local charities. If you decide to sell, you can consider garage sale or online.
• Call professional movers: you should call ponte vedra movers so they can schedule your moving. You have to consider the cost of the service and the reputation.

Twenty-four hours before the move
Moving is close that you can almost taste it. You have to pack an overnight bag because for sure you will be too tired of finding anything on your first night. This is the time that you disassemble all the furniture and put small parts in a safe and secure place with the label. The same also goes for your appliances.

Moving day
The day has finally come. You have to be ready and ensure that everything is packed before the movers arrive. Do a final walk-through to ensure that nothing has been left behind. If there is time, clean the house before the new residents arrive.

The day after the move
You are not yet done because the real work begins. Unpacking and organising are time-consuming. Do not be overwhelmed with the tasks. Just do whatever you can whenever you can. The prudent thing to do is to unpack boxes room by room – it is less daunting this way. The key here is to take your time so you can enjoy the process of putting things in its right place.