How A Visitor Access Management System Benefits Your Business

Growing businesses are always concerned with keeping their premises safe and tracking guests. Traditionally, security guards and sign-in sheets are enough, but with security threats around, Visitor Access Management system was developed. It is time that you know how it can benefit your business.

Visitor management seeks to track the usage of a site or building by visitors or non-employees. The system will gather and record the usage of the facility by particular visitors. It will also provide proper documentation of the whereabouts of the visitors. Businesses that consider visitor access management system use it to complement their building security system.

It is a professional method that is designed to address the safety and security of physical and human assets. It is time to learn how the system can benefit your business. Here is a list:

It can improve productivity
The system allows groups or visitors to preregister before their visit using a web preregistration module. By using the system, you encourage your visitors to pre-register their visit and fill the relevant details during preregistration. This process can quickly give you details about their visit. This is both productive for you and the visitors. On top of that, preregistration provides visitors with easy processing thereby eliminating lobby lines.

Visitor Access Management

It can enhance company image
If you use a visitor management system, it can enhance your company’s image because you will appear professional through your badges and streamlined visitor processing.

You have the ability to control guests
The system can give access or restrict a guest while visiting the facility or site. This will significantly help in reducing risks and enhancing security – in the entire premise.

It can give notifications
When a visitor preregisters, there will be a notification in the form of email or SMS. This will ensure a quick and smooth check-in process when the visitor arrives at the gate. Similarly, a notification will be sent to you when the visitor checks-in to the premises.

It can show live status of visitors
There will be a visitor dashboard that will allow you to see the current status of all the visitors. This will provide you with real-time data of visitors especially those who are inside the premises, pre-registered visitors, new visitors, expired passes, surrendered passes and many more.

You can maintain a visitor database
Visitor database is crucial in the growth of the business. By maintaining one, you can mark frequent visitors thereby avoiding entry of the same user details every time. This will allow you to create a visitor pass swiftly as the security will only retrieve the information from past records.

It can generate visitor report
The system will also allow security or admin to generate a visitor report in different formats like PDF, RTF, and excel. The report will include pre-registered visitors, enrolment status, pass validity, punch details and many more.

It can control emergency response
In case of emergency situations that need evacuation, the visitor management system will notify you about all non-employees on the premises.

Whatever business you consider, the system can be of great help at the end of the day. You only need to ask.