Reference note on bit coin transactions

Now a day’s the transaction process regarding money payments are processed and digitalized online only in which it is quite helpful for the government too. The digital payment processing will be carried out through different payment methods like credit, debit cards or any kind of pay tm, money transactions will be taken place. Under this category only bit coins came into existence to process out payment systems through digital processing methods and its demand is incredible in the present money transaction system regarding payments in this competitive market. These bit coins are utmost helpful and beneficiary in all the aspects and especially the intention of using these coins are necessary in letting the people to be allowed in sending or receiving money through a only source internet. So subsequently the transactions which are carrying out will be taken collaboration of the users in a communicative approach those are initiated randomly with no issue. Hence in order to define how to speed up my unconfirmed bit coin transaction are determined effectively and simultaneously the entire transactions will be carried out with the help of cryptography with no sense of medium.

how to speed up my unconfirmed bit coin transaction are determined

Let’s concentrate on the following steps to be followed to know exactly how to speed up my unconfirmed bit coin transaction:

Due to network congestion issues, the transactions of bit coins will encounter unstuck or un-confirmation related problems. So in order to speed up the desired transactions to be processed easily and quickly, let’s consider the following steps in brief;

  • Be patient: Always try to be patient before proceeding for spending lots of money on a single transaction where usually transactions are processed out normally. As this means of approach might capture your valuable time but it is a good solution that is reliable too. Remember one thing; you can utilize your transactions with remaining 3 options though your transaction got stuck for more than 24 hours continuously.
  • Replace-by-fee: In the name it requisitely suggests that you can simply replace the unconfirmed transaction by only means of paying with high amounts of fees. Of course, many number of bit coin wallets are resided with an option replace by fee. You simply need to pay the fee sometimes that might be higher fee too. Until and unless a network cannot confirm the transfer of original transaction, the money you spend cannot be considered in the form of official purpose. This option acts as a powerful tool where it simply solves the issue raised during un-confirmation of transactions where you cannot necessarily use the process of spending money twice.
  • Child pays for parent: This is usually a common process in order to clear out un-confirmed or unstuck transactions where individuals will assure their transactions more quickly and they perfectly calculate the right transaction fee despite of using inappropriate and default transactions. Especially in case of network traffic issue related problems, spending higher fee amounts of fee is the only option. So in order to eradicate this, you can use this process effectively that usually spends the kind of unstuck transactions into a different bit coin address.
  • Via btc transaction accelerator : This is the only feature that was launched in order to allowing users to speed up bit coin transactions those are unconfirmed due to network traffic or congestion issues. This kind of feature will enable to increase space or a block size of a bit coin will be used effectively as there will be no existence of time intervals while in the process of transaction confirmation might takes place in hours too.


Finally the importance of these bit coins are enhancing its growth and development day by day that it eventually works on letting the users to do all the transactional payments in a synchronized process and all the transactions are safe and secure literally as it is inculcated with a security feature namely cryptography. By following all the above necessary steps you can speed up the transactions those are not confirmed due to network congestion problems especially.